At the Istishari Hospital we are fully aware that competition among medical institutions depends heavily on demonstrable excellence in clinical quality and services. Our top management teams support quality management programs that emphasize a tedious process of documentation and continuous education to ensure the delivery of safe, quality care. Understanding the importance of quality control allows us to set standards' specifications, monitor performance, and determine the causes of variations, while assuring the best medical care.

We believe that an important tenet of quality control is patient feedback. We are consistently assessing our patient's views on issues covering the communication process by our nurses and doctors, pain management and control, and overall level of care. We also greatly value our patient's perception of the hospital environment with regards to cleanliness, noise level, and recovery promoting atmosphere in general.

At Istishari Hospital, we take a patient's perception of care very seriously. Not only do we ensure that our professional staff is current in their training but we are continually evolving to meet and exceed our patient's expectations time and time again.


  • Implement JCIA international standards and manage accreditation process
  • Monitor work flow and collect key indicators for process redesign
  • Control all hospital documents
  • Track incident reports and standing committees activities
  • Analyze satisfaction surveys and post results
  • Initiate new performance improvement projects
  • Implement risk management program
  • Review medical charts to ensure compliance
  • Conduct regular quality rounds and audits
  • Maintain physicians and specialists certificates required for privileging
  • Sharpen staff qualifications and competencies
  • Communicate organizational improvements to staff
  • Lead the way as an equal opportunity employer
  • Enhance working environment to improve staff performance and satisfaction

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