Beware of drugs that sound and look alike!!!
Istishari Hospital pharmacists are integral members of the interdisciplinary healthcare team working with patients. They are supported by a team of clinical pharmacists who visit each ward daily, in addition to working in an inpatient setting and the ambulatory care clinics.

The Istishari Hospital pharmacists have many responsibilities that include: reviewing physicians' orders, maintaining patients' medications profiles, ensuring that all medications are properly stocked, and meeting patient's needs around the clock. Clinical pharmacists work closely with physicians, specialists, and other healthcare support providers, to revise patients' medications, dosage, drugs, and food interactions as well dealing with side effects. Furthermore, clinical pharmacists provide patients with important information about their medications in order to optimize the therapeutic outcome and improve the quality of life.

Crash carts located on each floor for patients with urgent needs are closely monitored, checked and restocked by pharmacists. Also, in an effort to insure the comfort of our patients and the continuity of care, an onsite pharmacy is located in the Hospital lobby and provides services around the clock to both discharged patients and outpatients.

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