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Sleep Medicine is a vital science that started to spread rapidly in the last two decades, mainly in the United States and Europe; recently gaining ground in the Middle East Region. Sleep disorders directly impact multiple medical fields such as pulmonary, psychiatric, neurology, and ENT. The international classification of sleep disorders recognizes more than 80 disorders under the categorization of "Sleep Disorders and Medicine". While common disorders are manifested in the form of snoring, insomnia, restless leg, and sleep apnea syndromes, the list extends to include less common, albeit clinically very significant disorders, such as sleep walking, sleep paralysis, circadian rhythm sleep disorders and pediatric–related sleep disorders.

At Istishari Hospital, we are looking to identify healthcare trends to better improve the lives of our patients. We teamed up with the Arab German Sleep Center "AGSC," to diagnose and treat various sleep disorders in a comfortable, clean, and private home like setting that is in accordance with international guidelines; thus benchmarking and spreading sleep medicine awareness not only in Jordan but in the Middle East region.

To ensure continuity of high quality service and to increase awareness in sleep medicine in the region, the AGSC team established a comprehensive continuous cooperation with the German Academy of Sleep Medicine. AGSC holds regular workshops to train specialized doctors from the MENA region as well as some European countries including Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands. Together, we are laying the foundation for the principles of scientific research and accurate medical documentation of sleep disorders in the Arab world.

Both Istishari Hospital and the AGSC are governed and abide by the strictest and highest sleep medicine technology standards. Furthermore, the AGSC is the only sleep center licensed by the Jordanian Ministry of Health for its accurate studies and a commitment to high quality compassionate services. Patient satisfaction is reflected in the high rate of therapeutic compliance and follow ups, as well as the positive impact on patient's lives. Guided by a vision of international quality standards, the Istishari Hospital and the AGSC closely follow updates and developments in the medical and technical components of the sleep medicine field. Together, we have built a solid professional alliance and word of mouth reputation, which has manifested in acquiring the highest market share in sleep medicine in Jordan for the last couple of years.

The sleep center medical services at the Istishari Hospital are monitored by an American boarded physician, certified in sleep medicine by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, and a member of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, the World Association of Sleep Medicine (WASM), and the German Academy of Sleep Medicine; with specific interests in sleep apnea and insomnia; assisted by a team of well-trained sleep technologists, a highly trained sleep technician, and a polysomnographic technologist specializing in respiratory physiology.

We welcome local, regional, and international patients to contact us directly if they suspect their health issues are as a result of a sleep disorder or if they want to exclude that possibility. For further information please contact us and we will make sure to accommodate your schedule and your needs.

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