Request a Cost Estimate


Istishari Hospital works closely with patients to develop comprehensive treatment plans at an affordable cost. Estimates are given on a case-by-case basis due to the unique nature of each patient's care.

From your first phone call to Istishari Hospital's international center, or communication by email, you will be assigned a patient representative. Your representative will work with you to make sure you experience our commitment to CARE for you with Compassion, Attention, Reliability and Excellence.


  • Contact our international center and request an estimate
  • Provide all medical records
  • Istishari physicians will review your records and develop a tentative plan of treatment
  • Your patient representative will contact you to let you know the estimate for physician and professional fees, based on the tentative plan of treatment

Our hospital physicians and staff work as a team to provide patients and their families with accurate medical and financial information. However, in some cases, it is impossible to identify all the factors that can impact the patient's diagnosis and subsequent treatment recommendations until the patient has had a thorough examination. Confirmed treatment plans can only be provided after patients are examined in person at Istishari Hospital.

Patients who have received their plan of care and financial cost estimate will continue to be assisted by their patient representatives. The International Center works closely with patients and their families to complete the financial screening process, assign a financial services liaison, schedule appointments, and provide peace of mind throughout their Istishari experience.

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