Patients Representatives


On arrival at Istishari Hospital you will be welcomed by your patient representative, who will be available throughout your stay to answer your questions, find solutions, and ensure your comfort. Patient representatives are our patient's best advocates. Their mission is to help you understand policies and make healthcare decisions.

Should you have pre-scheduled appointments before your arrival to the Istishari hospital, you will be supplied with a welcome kit that will include a list of all your appointments. Your patient representative will stay with you to guide you through admission and registration. Once registered, you will be shown around the hospital, your room, and introduced to the nurses in your division.

Your representative will also coordinate communication between you, family members, and your healthcare team. They are on hand to investigate any inquiries you should have as well as handle any and all administrative issues. For our visitors traveling from abroad, our patient representatives will provide the verbal communication needed to ensure a clear understanding between patient, medical staff, and referring physicians.

Should you have any question or concerns, please don't hesitate to contact us directly by clicking on the following link.

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