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Our Vision
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Our Vision

Vision Statement


Istishari Hospital will become a regional destination for treatment of patients at our specialized centers of excellence.




We are committed to providing health CARE with Compassion, Attention, Reliability and Excellence.

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Each patient and family we welcome to Istishari Hospital comes to us with their own unique needs and circumstances. We understand that the situation that brings you to us may be very stressful. We do our best to put ourselves in your shoes and see things from your perspective.


We know how we want our own families to be cared for. We seek to provide you and your family with the same care we would give our own families.


Investment in People


We believe that our people are our greatest strength. To that end, we have invested in the best professional and administrative staff teams in order to serve our patients well. We draw top physicians, nurses, and support staff from around the world.


At Istishari we believe caring for our staff is the first step to compassionately caring for others. As a hospital we promote a warm, welcoming environment through ongoing education, mutual accountability, and encouraging innovation.




Istishari Hospital works to build personal connections between you and our staff from your first contact with us. Whether we are answering your questions about our services, finding an appointment date that works with your schedule, or introducing you to the nurses in your division, we focus on welcoming you and meeting your needs. We want you to feel that you are at home away from home.


Our high nurse-to-patient ratio means a friendly face is never far away.


Commitment to Service


At Istishari we are committed to 5-star quality patient service. We work to make your stay with us comfortable through first-class accommodation options, fine dining and excellent support staff services.


Our patient representatives are guides through the complexities of the medical world. Our concierge staff helps you to navigate the world outside the hospital.


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We have put a lot of thought into making every system at Istishari Hospital dependable and efficient.


Starting From the Ground Up


Long before opening our doors, our care for our patients began with world class architects whose design focused on the needs of the patients, like putting the NICU on the same floor with the labor and delivery rooms and building a welcoming, spacious atrium. Our operating theatres were built with laminar flow ventilation systems, reducing patients’ risk of infection.




The attention to detail in our building is brought to life by our systems and routines. These hospital best practices allow us to accurately pass on vital information, double check decisions and keep each other accountable for providing the outstanding medical care and service you depend on.


Digital Health Information Systems


Istishari is implementing a completely digital information system. This sophisticated system is allowing us to enhance hospital efficiency and further improve the quality of patient care.





We are committed to providing exceptional care and constantly working to improving every aspect of our functioning as a hospital.


Centers of Excellence


Istishari’s three Centers of Excellence are Cardiology, Reproductive Medicine and Pediatrics. These centers are dedicated to distinction in patient care and treatment, and provide unique services under the direction of leading physicians. Istishari is also a leader in providing maxillofacial surgery and fetal surgery, among other innovative treatment options.



Looking Forward


We plan to develop a number of new treatment centers at Istishari in the coming years. Among our plans are an eye surgery center, radiotherapy to treat prostate cancer, and one of the biggest rehabilitative centers in Jordan, equipped with the latest technology for physical and occupational therapy.


We are committed to making the latest and best treatment options available in our hospital and clinics, offering our patients comprehensive and convenient healthcare choices within one system.