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Caring for Newborns
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At Istishari, we care about the health of your entire family, and provide services to meet the unique needs of every age group. Our Pediatric Center provides a complete range of services to meet your children’s healthcare needs, from well baby check-ups to complicated procedures.


“Our team of compassionate, friendly doctors and nurses works hard every day to make sure that all the children in their care feel secure and comfortable.”


When you call to schedule an appointment for your child, our staff will refer you to the Istishari clinic or inpatient facility that will best meet your child’s needs.

Our regular nursery and sophisticated Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) provide a range of treatment options to care for newborns and babies in critical condition.


Learn about the services available to newborns in our neonatal unit. (link)

Istishari provides treatment and surgical intervention to children with physical disabilities. We are proud to be able to offer Jordan high quality treatment options to children with special needs, especially those requiring complex dental surgery.


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