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Visitors to Istishari find a hospital that offers the highest quality healthcare experience – technically advanced facilities, top physicians and compassionate inpatient care. We offer a variety of services to ensure that your visit to our hospital is the best possible for you and for your family.

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We are looking forward to finding an appointment time that works with your schedule and answering any questions you may have about our services.


Contact us to book an appointment.

At Istishari Hospital you will experience CARE, Compassion, Attention, Reliability, and Excellence. In addition to our excellent doctors and nurses, our patient representatives, concierge staff, interpreters, nutritionists, 5-star chefs and staff team are dedicated to helping you to settle in and are available to support you throughout your stay at Istishari.

On arrival at Istishari you will be met at the door by a patient representative. Patient representatives are available throughout your stay to answer questions, find solutions, and ensure your comfort.


You will be met with a welcome kit including a list of all your appointments. Your patient representative will stay with you to guide you through admission and registration. Once registered, you will be shown around the hospital and your room, and introduced to the nurses in your division.


Patient representatives also help with clear communication between you and your family, Istishari Hospital medical practitioners and staff, and referring doctors, especially for visitors from abroad.

Our 108-bed hospital includes a variety of options for making your stay as comfortable and convenient as possible, including a choice of patient rooms to match your needs.


Patient room options include:


  • two three-room Royal Suites
  • eight two-room Suites
  • first, second, and third class recovery rooms


Most of these rooms can accommodate overnight stays by a family member, should you wish to have their support during your recovery process. Our in-house culinary offerings and attentive personal service continue this commitment to 5-star hospitality.

Our concierge service is available to help patients and their families. They can arrange taxis or sightseeing, recommend a restaurant, or help to locate a specialty item.


Whatever the need, our concierge service is on hand to ensure that you feel well cared for here at Istishari.


Contact our concierge for help with travel arrangements, accommodation recommendations, sightseeing, and other questions about Amman and the region.

Istishari’s chef and team, all recruited from 5-star hotels, provide a fine dining experience. A nutritionist is available to meet with you daily and develop a personalized menu plan in line with your health needs and preferences.

Istishari Hospital is committed to providing interpretation services for all our patients. We have interpretation available in Arabic, English, Spanish, Chinese, Tagalog, French, and Russian. We also hire freelance interpreters to supplement the interpretation staff upon request.


Contact the International Department to request interpretation services.

Our Medical Tourism section provides comprehensive information for patients and families visiting Istishari from outside Jordan.

Our medical services are offered at our hospital as well as at specialty outpatient clinics (link) located nearby. When you contact us , our staff will make an appointment for you at the appropriate location.


See maps and directions to Istishari Hospital

Please bring the following information to each appointment:

  1. A list of your current medications, with dosage and time
  2. National ID/ Social Security Number
  3. Insurance card, including your policy number and third party administrator contact information if any 
  4. Employer's name, address and phone number (if you are insured through your employer)
  5. Name, address and phone number of your referring or primary care physician
  6. Any forms you were asked to complete prior to the appointment
  7. Any medical information requested by Istishari Hospital such as medical reports, radiology, and laboratory diagnostic test results. This is especially important if you are coming for a second opinion.
  8. Second opinions