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What is Infertility?
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The Fertility Center offers innovative reproductive health services in a warm and understanding environment.


Our expert team successfully pursues international standards of excellence in Jordan.


Our services include:

  • In vitro fertilization (IVF)
  • Full range of infertility treatments
  • Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

Family balancing

Fertility problems affect approximately 15-20% of healthy adults. Infertility, defined as not becoming pregnant after one year of regular intercourse without use of birth control, can be a highly emotional experience for many couples. Our staff understands this, and seeks to make each patient and couple’s experience with us as comfortable and encouraging as possible. Through our progressive treatment options and personalized approach, we have successfully helped many couples to become pregnant.


Our doctors will be happy to sit with you to discuss the treatment options that are best for you. While no fertility treatment can guarantee pregnancy, we are proud of the excellent results that we receive.

The Fertility Center is always looking for ways to provide better treatment methods. We are developing new, innovative treatment strategies and the results have been published in international medical journals.


Publications of doctors practicing in the Fertility Center (PDFs pending)

Age Group

Pregnancy Rate (within 12 months of trying)

Under 35




40 and older



5% of cycles result in triplets or more

Istishari is an excellent option for superior infertility treatments at a cost your family can afford. More and more patients from around the world are choosing our individualized care, 5-star service, and range of treatment options. We offer some services, including family balancing, which may not be available in your home country. The quality of our services is equal to that in the best hospitals in the US and UK, but the financial cost to your family will be far less.


If you are having trouble getting pregnant, consider coming to Istishari. We look forward to welcoming you to Jordan.


Contact us for more information. 

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