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Staffed by full-time cardiologists, who are respected researchers and practitioners, as well as an outstanding support staff, the Cardiovascular Center provides a full range of services to patients who come to Istishari from around the world for expert heart care.


Our services and facilities include


  • Six operating theaters, equipped with laminar flow air circulation systems,  reducing the risk of infection
  • Operating theater dedicated solely to open-heart surgery
  • Round-the-clock on call doctors to provide intervention for heart attack patients

Our doctors are committed to educating the public about healthy heart practices and to conducting ongoing research to improve cardiovascular care. We provide safe and effective care through services personalized to meet the needs of each patient.


Learn more about Istishari’s public awareness programs.

Patients come to Istishari from around the region and beyond for everything from high blood pressure treatments to open heart surgery. Some patients come for a check-up while vacationing in Jordan. Others come from as far away as England for complicated procedures that they would have to wait many months to receive in their home countries. We can perform procedures according to patients’ specific scheduling needs.


The Cardiovascular Center offers easy access to diagnostic and interventional procedures with minimal waiting time – the care you need, when you need it. We are proud to be able to provide convenient, top quality medical care to our patients and their families.


Publications of doctors practicing in the Cardiovascular Center. (pdf’s pending)

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